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Payroll Services

It is our mission to ensure that you receive services that are accurate and timely. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of your business; to save you money and position your business to be as successful as possible. In doing so we strive to provide excellent customer service.

Professional Payroll Package

Payroll Processing

Taxpay (Federal & State Tax Filing)

Check Insertion

New Hire Reporting

SUI Service

Workers Comp Reporting

Garnishment Payment Service

Tracking accrual and use of sick pay

Tracking accrual and use of vacation pay

Calculate holiday pay

Calculate retirement contributions

Deduct health insurance premiums

Every Pay Period

A dedicated one-to-one professional payroll administrator

Payroll checks and earnings statements

Department summaries, cash requirements and new-hire/rehire reports

Employee payment options: check signing and check insertion

New-hire reporting that meets federal and state compliance requirements

Automatically deposit all tax liabilities on your behalf including:

FICA, Federal WH and FUTA

State, SUI, WBF and Transit Tax

A record of all deposits made

On a Quarterly Basis

Automatically prepare, file and supply:

Federal and State payroll tax returns

Copies of all filings for your records

Detailed employee earnings records, custom date range capability

Once a Year

Automatically prepare, file and supply:

Employer, Federal and State W-2s with W-3 recap

Form 940 Federal Unemployment tax return

Employee W-2's/1099s in sealed envelopes

Copies of all filings for your records

WR OR Tax report

State W2 Filing

State Transit Tax report

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