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Policies of Accurate Bookkeeping Inc.
It is our mission to ensure that you receive services that are accurate and timely. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of your business; to save you money and position your business to be as successful as possible. In doing so we strive to provide excellent customer service.

Policies of Accurate Bookkeeping Inc. (ABI) include but are not limited to:

  1. Engagement Letter must be signed by client before services can begin.

  2. Time estimates for bookkeeping services are an estimate not a guarantee. Bookkeeping services are per hour not assessed at a flat monthly rate unless otherwise stated in the Engagement Letter.

  3. Time is tracked per minute on an electronic time clock and then totaled monthly and rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

  4. ABI will do it's utmost to return voice mail and email messages within 24 hours of a working business day.

  5. It is of the utmost importance to ABI that your personal and financial information is kept private, and secure. ABI will keep all written and verbal information of the client confidential and private including all personal and financial information. ABI shall obtain and use private information for the sole purpose of providing bookkeeping and payroll services for the client. Documents containing any and all private information will be shredded or returned to client after completion of use. All files are secured within the office which is kept locked during non-business hours. All doors to office building are kept locked during non-business hours. Computer files are backed up. Computer and computer files are password protected and our IT department has set up security levels on our web browser.

  6. ABI does not use bank feeds to preform bookkeeping services.

  7. If an existing client refers a potential client to ABI and the potential client becomes a client of ABI a referral credit will be given to the client that provided the referral.

  8. Monthly payroll fees include payroll processing, paying payroll taxes and direct deposits as outlined under Payroll Services. There is a one time set up fee for new payroll accounts. If ABI takes over payroll from a previous payroll company mid-year and the previous information needs to be entered by hand it will be charged by the hour. The following reports are charged individually by report. Federal quarterly payroll report and Schedule B, State OQ, 132, OR Schedule B, Transit Tax, W-2's, 940, OR WR and Workers Comp Audit.

  9. It is the policy of ABI to ACH draft the client's account on the 10th of the month for payment for the previous months invoice. Payment is due by the 10th of the month following the invoice date. If an invoice is 6 weeks outstanding ABI reserves the right to place bookkeeping services on hold until the outstanding balance is paid in full. If an invoice is 30 days past due a 3% finance charge may be assessed. Every 30 days past due after that a 3% finance charge may be assessed on the outstanding balance.

  10. ABI reserves the right to send any accounts to collections that are over 90 days past due. Client will be responsible for legal and attorney fees. 

  11. Upon departure from ABI any documents that are requested and QB file will be returned to client once any outstanding invoices are paid in full.

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